Stop SGC

Stop SGC is a collaboration between members of Friends of Little Keyford (FOLK), Extinction Rebellion (XR) Frome and other interested parties.

We are working together to stop the proposal by LVA to destroy a large area of natural habitat and productive farmland to the south of Frome and replace it with a jumbled housing development built by a number of different developers. The proposed development, currently known as Selwood Garden Community (SGC), will offer little to the community or environment despite its name.

Selwood Garden Community would put great pressure on the infrastructure of Frome and the surrounding area. This proposal is far in excess of the number of houses that Frome and the Mendips need to meet their quota set by the government. Combined with other developments in the Little Keyford area it could result in 7,500 more residents in Frome. Of the houses being built, few will be ‘affordable’ and there are no plans for any social housing that Frome really needs!

The proposal fails to offer the town the extra medical facilities or additional school places (only one new first school is proposed, and no extra middle or secondary schools) that would be required to support a development of this scale. As a result of the development, there would be a significant increase in local traffic and pollution, with no real offer from the promoter to improve public transport in the area.

The fields of Little Keyford are full of wildlife with many important veteran trees and ancient hedgerows that must be preserved. Once lost they would be gone forever. This proposal would be built at the expense of the local community and it would alter the character and nature of the area forever.